A long-time professional touring and session musician and sound designer, White Dog Communications owner Steve Oppenheimer is probably best known for his accomplishments as Editor in Chief of Electronic Musician, Remix, Onstage, Music Education Technology, AudioInsider, and other magazines and Web sites for musicians. An editor and corporate manager for more than 20 years, he was dubbed by then PreSonus CEO Jim Mack “one of the four Beatles of music-tech magazine editing.”

After leaving publishing, Oppenheimer served for nearly six years as Public Relations Manager at PreSonus Audio Electronics, handling the company’s press relations and artist relations, managing its media lists and other marketing data, and writing and editing a wide variety of copy. He founded White Dog Communications in January 2015 and continued to write and handle public relations for PreSonus, Fender Musical Instruments Corp., and other clients. Oppenheimer served as editorial director for Daniel Keller’s PR firm Get It In Writing from 2015 through early 2020, providing writing and editorial services for such GIIW clients as Mackie Designs, Renkus-Heinz, Manley Labs, Symetrix, Tascam, Visionary Solutions, Attero Tech, QSC, Guitar Center Private Brands, Meyer Sound, and many more.

Oppenheimer is also active in the world of dogs. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Kuvasz Club of America and edits and publishes the Kuvasz Quarterly magazine.