Founded in 1995, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., builds innovative tools for musicians, content creators, producers, and audio engineers. Today the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, company is a leading designer and manufacturer of recording and live-sound hardware and software solutions that solve real-world problems for working creatives. Wherever sound takes you, PreSonus is there to help.

White Dog Communications handles public relations for PreSonus, including worldwide media relations, and provides writing, editing, photography, and other services.

From innovative startups to Fortune 500 leaders, Get It In Writing represents today’s technological visionaries. Working closely with clients, Get It In Writing develops creative, cutting-edge promotional strategies that speak to their users, fusing powerful content with real-time communication and networking to get their message out and keep them in the public eye.

White Dog Communications provides writing, editing, and data management services for Get It In Writing. 


Bill Evans Media is a boutique agency providing artist representation, public relations, media production, and audio engineering in the music industry. The company also develops innovative, cutting-edge audio technology.

White Dog Communications provides public relations and consulting services for Bill Evans Media, focusing on the company’s technology.

Komet Amplification was opened by Holger Notzel and Michael Kennedy in June, 1998, as Riverfront Music, a repair business specializing in vintage guitars and tube amplifiers, before teaming up with legendary guitar amplifier designer Ken Fischer to create the first Komet amplifiers. Designed for for the discerning guitarist, Komet amplifiers are hand built in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

White Dog Communications writes and distributes press releases for Komet Amplification.

INTERNET Co., Ltd. is a developer of music production software, audio editing software, and audio plug-ins and has been developing and supplying software since 1988. The Osaka-based company’s products are of the highest quality, created with the spirit of hospitality that Japanese traditional manufacturing has always maintained.

White Dog Communications writes and distributes press releases for INTERNET Co.

EarthMoments is a world music record label and producer of audio and visual productions that brings together traditional and contemporary music in unique, high quality productions. The company also creates exquisite audio samples of rare and exotic instruments, meticulously crafted into breathtaking instruments, cinematic content, sound libraries and loops. With members in India, the UK, Israel, the U.S., and Canada, EarthMoments has a finger on the pulse of global music-making trends.

White Dog Communications writes and distributes press releases for EarthMoments.

The Kuvasz Club of America, Inc., established in 1966, exists as a means to protect the breeding of purebred Kuvaszok and to bring their natural qualities to perfection. The K.C.A. is a member of the American Kennel Club and is the breed’s official parent club.

White Dog Communications designs and edits the Kuvasz Quarterly, the official publication of the Kuvasz Club of America, and provides assorted writing, editing, and database services.