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A selection of classic Electronic Musician articles by Steve O

General Interest

Making Music with Nature: Bernie Krause Samples Life

This musical pioneer creates the world’s fishiest music and hobnobs with gorillas.krause_opener

Holistic Studio Design

Only Steve O would apply structural-functional anthropology to studio design.


Crash and Burn

Why hard drives fail and what to do about it.crashburnopener

Power and Organization

On Solid Ground

Turn your studio into a well-grounded, hum-free zone.ground1_opener

Power Hitters

How to choose an AC power conditioner.power_hitters_art

Racking Your Brain 

System designers Bryan Bell and Ernie Bartschi reveal their racking strategies for mobile music rigs.racking_brain_opener

Live Performance

No Strings Attached

Guitar-emulation techniques for keyboards.no_strings_art

Onstage Sound Tip Sheet

Optimize your stage rig and improve your band’s sound with these tips from the road.onstage_tips_title

Ancient History

Power for the Rest of Us

With the Power Macintosh, Apple introduced the PowerPC RISC chip, abandoning the 680×0-series CPUs used in all previous Macs.power_restofus_art

Apple System 7.0

This was one of the first articles about an OS that launched countless innovations we now take for granted.system7_art

Review: Oberheim Matrix-1000

My first EM review was of this classic rack-mount programmable analog synthesizer.matrix1000_photo

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