Steve O’s EM editorials are online again!

As the Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Musician magazine, I wrote 104 editorial columns between January 1998 and August 2007 — and that doesn’t count columns I wrote for supplements and for other EM-family magazines I edited, such as Music Education Technology. I published a complete collection of my EM editorials on an old personal site about seven years ago, with the kind permission of the publisher (NewBay Media). Now I’ve brought the entire 104-column collection to the White Dog Communications site for your browsing and reading pleasure. If you want to know where I’m coming from, most of it’s in this collection.

There’s a link to the Editorials page here and in the menu at the top right of each page. The Articles link in the Projects section is temporarily linked to the Editorials page as well.  Soon, I’ll add several classic “evergreen” EM feature stories here, and the Articles link will then take you to a more general index page where you can browse through the features, some favorite editorials, and other goodies.