Life is Change


By Steve Oppenheimer

(July 20o3)

I feel very fortunate that, for the most part, the EM editorial staff has remained stable over the past few years. You can always rely on the work of Brian Knave, Dennis Miller, Gino Robair, David Rubin, Geary Yelton, Matt Gallagher, and the rest of the crew. However, we’ve had a few editorial-staff changes lately, and I’d like to bring you up to date on them.

I have been remiss in not announcing this first change sooner, and I apologize for that. At the end of last year, after we completed work on our February 2003 issue, assistant editor Marty Cutler left our staff and moved back to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Marty currently is teaching recording technology in New York City and is happily working on a variety of musical projects, including playing banjo with some top-notch local pickers.

Fortunately, Marty continues to write for EM. In fact, he is currently putting the finishing touches on a very cool Master Class feature on advanced MIDI tips and tricks, which we expect to publish in our August issue. Marty also remains on our staff box as a contributing editor, where he joins a team that includes familiar names such as Michael Cooper, Mary Cosola, Larry the O, George Petersen, Rob Shrock, and Scott Wilkinson. So although we miss seeing Marty’s smiling face here in the office, his written contributions to Electronic Musician (and, sadly, his bad puns) continue.

Another big change is the departure of Senior Associate Editor Brian Knave. Brian has been with EM almost eight years, which is longer than any current editor except me. He has assigned and edited the “Recording Musician” column from its inception, written and edited countless reviews and features on recording techniques, and has played a significant behind-the-scenes role in planning product roundups and reviews.

As with Marty, Brian is moving out of state, but he is moving a lot farther away. The Knave of Arts is planning to open a new project studio in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, where he will continue his musical career. Brian is unique, and we’ll miss him immeasurably. Our August issue will be his last as an EM staff editor, but he has assured me that once he settles into his new life in the southern hemisphere, he intends to write for us at least occasionally. I plan to hold him to that.

The good news is less dramatic, but it’s mighty pleasing. First of all, Senior Copy Editor Anne Smith is out of action for a few months. That’s good news? Yes indeed: Anne is absent because she recently had her first child, Kate, and she is enjoying maternity leave. In the meanwhile, copy editor extraordinaire Marla Miyashiro, who has helped us on a freelance basis in the past, has stepped in to help Managing Editor Patty Hammond handle the proofing and copyediting chores. Marla is simply the best in town, one of the few people we know who could maintain our quality standards, and we’re very lucky to have her.

Finally, I am delighted to announce that we’ve promoted Gino Robair to the position of senior editor. This promotion recognizes the exceptionally high-level work Gino has been doing for quite awhile. In addition to his extensive writing and editing work, Gino heads up our Reviews section, writes our e-mail newsletters, helps me with many aspects of issue planning, and much more. Congratulations, GR!