Kuvasz Club of America

2020 Kuvasz Club of America Service Award

There are many people who are active in one or two aspects of a breed or breed club and they are a huge benefit to the club and the future of the breed as a whole. There are very few that are involved in multiple aspects and still maintain a positive and outgoing attitude that promotes the breed and encourages participation. For that reason, we would like to nominate a special member that does all that and then some. Steve Oppenheimer is not a breeder or backer of a top dog; he is simply and truly a Kuvasz lover. In his many years of Kuvasz ownership he has competed in conformation and performance events with integrity and a humble attitude. He has proven to the carting world that Kuvasz are truly masters at carting. He will do carting demonstrations which is so significant to getting our breed known even more than just the carting aspects. He’s also been known to go to festivals with his dogs promoting the breed and again just getting the breed known. Steve is currently a board member helping to keep the club going when volunteers are few and far between. And to top it off Steve has taken over the Kuvasz Quarterly and brings issue after issue with great articles and photos that appeal to a wide range of Kuvasz lovers. Managing a publication like the KQ is always a challenge but even more in these challenging times where there is so much unknown, changing information and distracted people that have too many things on their plate to remember little things like due dates. Steve is a great communicator always reminding that something needs to get in or taken care of. Oh yeah, and if that’s not enough Steve decided to help the club get a new website up and running with a full, searchable database for Kuvasz titles and awards. Not only is it fun just to look back and see the achievements of these great dogs and their human team mates but it shaved a lot of time off of award preparation this year with all the info in one spot rather than having to search year by year.

So, for all of these reasons I would like to nominate Steve Oppenheimer for the 2020 Kuvasz Club of America Service Award. You more than deserve it my friend.


Tricia & Matthew Ginther 

KCA VP Kathleen O’Reagan announces the Service Award at the 2020 Kuvasz National Specialty. Video by Maria Arechaederra.